The Dope Roots family of products makes it easy to enjoy infused meals, snacks, and baked goods in the comfort of one’s own home. Dope Roots canna butter can be used to infuse recipes
that call for butter and allow customers the ability to dose according to their desired potency level. This is a game changer for those who want more control over their experience with
cannabis. Dope Roots also provides canna spreads, gummies, and infused baked goods that taste homemade.

Dope Roots also has a social mission. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to support efforts to end the war on drugs and to provide technical and financial support for Black-women cannabis entrepreneurs.

Dope Roots is also a vehicle to directly combat the stigma associated with cannabis use by providing educational and social opportunities for customers and creating a strong sense of
community for women who enjoy and/or benefit from edible products.

Meet the Founder

Nekima Levy Armstrong is the founder and CEO of Dope Roots. Nekima is also a lawyer,
activist, former law professor and drug war scholar, wife, and working mother. Nekima founded Dope Roots to provide customers with alternative ways to consume low-dose, hemp-derived edible THC products.

Nekima is an outspoken advocate for justice and has authored numerous articles that shed light on the disproportionate impacts of the war on drugs on Black and Brown women and mothers, Black men, children, and families. Some of her previously published scholarly articles and letters can be found below.

Nekima has lectured in different parts of the country and globally on the need to urgently end the war on drugs; and advocates to decriminalize cannabis use, deschedule cannabis under the
federal Controlled Substances Act, and to legalize cannabis federally and in the remaining 20
plus states that have yet to do so.

As a recent brain tumor survivor, Nekima believes in the wellness, relaxation, and euphoric
benefits of cannabis and incorporates the practice of micro-dosing into her everyday lifestyle.